Vertical Lift

The Vertical Slide is custom built for each specific application.
Its design includes consideration for:

  • operational requirements

  • opening dimensions

  • self weight and wind loading

  • architectural design

Thus, it is important to accurately measure the opening and adequately specify architectural and operational requirements. Usually our representative will work through any requirements and take full responsibility for measuring the opening.


The Vertical Slide is designed and engineered to suit commercial and domestic applications. Typically the door is a single-leaf rigid panel and is normally used where adequate headroom is available. It may also be constructed as multiple leaves that stack up behind each other when in the open position.

The Vertical Slide is custom designed to suit the opening. It is counterweight balanced so allows powered or manual operation. The design can accommodate a wide range of claddings.

The simplicity of design (single panel, minimal parts count, counterweight balance) results in high reliability with minimal maintenance.