The ARCO Multi-Fold is custom built for each specific application and its design includes consideration for:
-Operational requirements, in & out swing
-Opening dimensions, structural and architectural design
Thus, it is important to accurately detail opening dimensions and adequately specify any requirements.


The fully Australian Made ARCO Multi-Fold door is designed and engineered to suit most commercial and domestic applications, providing great flexibility and ingenuity. Sizes range from as small as serveries to large fire station doors.

The ARCO Multi-Fold is the newest of the ARCO range of automated door systems, designed to provide an instant visual opening clearance as soon as door is open eliminating the need to “look up“ for assurance that the door is in fact opened.

The ARCO Multi-Fold is rated for continuous operation with minimal maintenance and proven reliability hence it comes with a 3 Year / 300,000 cycle warranty *Subject to Maintenance agreement

SolidWorks Rendered (Out Swing)