Hinge Away

The ARCO Hinge-away is custom built for each specific application.  Its design includes consideration for operational requirements, opening dimensions and structural and architectural design.  This door is most suited when minimal internal projection is required and also provides slightly higher drive through height than a Bi-fold door.


The Hingeaway door has two leaves (the top leaf is ¼ of the door height, the bottom leaf ¾ of the door height). The leaves fold together as the door opens. When in the open position the leaves are horizontal, folded together with only the thickness of the bottom leaf reducing the opening height, thus maximising the drive through height. The external projection of the open door is ½ of the opening height. The internal projection is ¼ of the opening height.

The Hingeaway is typically used for medium sized openings (ballpark 3m high x 4m wide). It is often used in place of a Foldaway where maximum drive through height is important.

Although it has two leaves, the counterweight balanced Hingeaway has few moving parts. Architectural aesthetics, reliability and long service life make this door an obvious choice for a range of situations where no other solution exists.