Fully Recess

The Recessed door is custom built for each specific application.
Its design includes consideration for:
-Operational requirements
-Opening dimensions
-Self weight and wind loading
-Architectural design
Thus, it is important to accurately measure the opening and adequately specify architectural and operational requirements. Usually our representative will work through any requirements and take full responsibility for measuring the opening.


The Recessed door is a single rigid panel, a rectangular frame with cladding attached. As it opens the door lays back at the top (retreating into the doorway) and rises vertically from the bottom. It continues to pivot backward and upward until achieving the open (horizontal) position. The door panel has no external projection while opening or closing.

The most common application for Recessed doors is apartment building car parks where the doorway lies just inside the property boundary.Being a single-leaf and counterweight balanced the Recessed door has few moving parts and low operational loading.

These factors result in high reliability with minimal maintenance, even at very high rates of operation.